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Autumn 2010 Mrs Chester's Class Room 8

Welcome to Room 8!  What a lovely and busy start to the new school year.   We began with our Toys topic and have had lots of fun looking at different types of toys.  The children brought their old toys into school and we talked about them.  As part of our 'Toys Theme' we had an exciting Bike Week.  We bought our bikes and scooters into school and practiced riding them in our playground.  We made the job really tricky by riding in and out of cones!  The new half term has begun in a rather spooky fashion!  We have been reading the Winnie the Witch stories, and have had great fun retelling the story.


In Science we looked at different materials and did an investigation into the best material for a teddy's waterproof coat.  We looked at forces, and enjoyed learning about how different toys move.  We let cars travel down ramps at different heights and looked at how far they could travel.


We did some fabulous homework about Andy Goldsworthy and his sculptures.  The children created some lovely artwork and experimented in school with different natural materials.


As part of our RE work, we have been learning about 'Diwali' and learned that it is a festival of light.  The children made some colourful diya lamps and enjoyed working on mendhi patterns. 


We are looking forward to the rest of our busy term when we will be thinking about our friendships and about the winter time.  Christmas is on the way and we are very excited about the concerts that will be coming up soon!  Watch this space!

Picture 1 Look at my playdough model!
Picture 2 Let's do some measuring!
Picture 3 Look at the natural materials in this sculpture.
Picture 4 Here's my diya lamp.