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Welcome to Room 2. Our new Reception children have all settled in well and having loved meeting new friends. In our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) topic- New Beginnings -we have been learning all about being a good friend. Also playing lots of games to help us remember everyones names- this helps the teachers too!
Moving around the school to all our exciting venues has been lots of fun, the Studio, Library, Hall, Space for Sport, Mouse House.  However the most excitement must involve getting changed into our P.E. kits. We are pleased to announce that the children are getting much quicker and more independent at getting changed. Yippee!

We have painted some beautiful self portraits for our class gallery and have looked closely at similarities and differences between ourselves. If you havent spotted the paintings please pop in to have a look.

Our Jolly Phonic jingles are always fun to learn and hopefully the children are singing them at home for you too. Any support you can give the children with their phonics book and home/school books is always greatly appreciated by the staff and children alike.

Coming very soon..............
People who help us topic- visits from police officers, fire officers and our very own Lollipop Lady.

1st December update.

The children have enjoyed the 'people who help us 'topic. We have had visits from the Manager of the school canteen, Mr. France the caretaker, the police, a fire officer and Emily the lollipop lady. The children thought of lots of interesting questions and we all learnt new things. Several children got to try on the uniforms from the visitors and then we extended the play with our own outfits and role play both in and out of the classroom.

We would also like to thank Mr. France for letting the children all take a cutting from his HUGE spider plant. Everyone got a little plant to take home.

We are rehearsing very hard for the Christmas play. Watch this space for more news...........
Picture 1 Anybody waiting to cross the road
Picture 2 Planting with Mr France
Picture 3 Lollipop fun
Picture 4 I will grow into it!
Picture 5 Different police hats
Picture 6 Careful with the water
Picture 7 Planting with Mr France
Picture 8 Counting on.
Picture 9 Exploring outdoors
Picture 10 9 leaves from the garden.
Picture 11 Investigating magnets
Picture 12 Cooking the dinner.
Picture 13 What to make next?
Picture 14 Playdough cakes. Yummy!
Picture 15 Lets swing!
Picture 16 Building models.
Picture 17 Two legs are better than one.
Picture 18 Cheerleading fun.
Picture 19 Free painting.