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Autumn Term 2009 - Miss Cox's Class - Room 12

What a busy start to the school year. Find out about all the fun and exciting things we have been doing.
Picture 1 We made cookies in science
Picture 2 Careful don't spill any.
Picture 3 Mixing the dough is hard work!
Picture 4 Gooey cookie dough...ooooh
Picture 5 Our dance about friendship.
Picture 6 We performed our dance for the whole school.
Picture 7 We are buddies with Mrs. Price's class.
Picture 8 On the writing table with our buddies.
Picture 9 Bike it day with Mary Kelland.
Picture 10 We concentrated hard!
Picture 11 Miss Cox brought her bike to school too!
Picture 12 Ready steady GO!
Picture 13 Our Science Assembly
Picture 14 Heating up chocolate
Picture 15
Picture 16 Cooling chocolate
Picture 17 We ended with a prayer
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 Libbe stroking an owl.
Picture 21 Mrs. Shaw loved the owls.
Picture 22 More owls
Picture 23 Barn Owl Bill
Picture 24 Owen stroking an owl.