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Autumn Term 2009 - Mrs Littler's Class - Room 13

We soon found out what an important year 1666 was in our history when "Samuel Pepys" came to visit us in person and told us, in dramatic form, all about "The Great Fire of London"  Some of our class had the opportunity to act out scenes and get dressed up in order to help put out the fire! We will always remember the words "Flap, Mr Farryner flap!!" "Samuel Pepys" was a great hit with all the children and adults and he really brought our topic to life and got it off to a great start.

As part of our "People who help us" topic, we have also had visits from Steve Bousfield, a modern day fire-fighter and Mrs Rook (an armed response officer). Mr Bousfield was able to answer many of the interesting questions we had ready for him and two children even had the chance to race each other  and dress up in his uniforms! (See the photo below) His balaclava was rather on the large side though!

In literacy, we have been enjoying the story of "The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark". Plop has kept us very entertained and we can't wait for the next chapter! We spent a memorable and enjoyable afternoon when Barn Owl Bill brought a small selection of his owls into our Arts Studio. Miss Watts was very brave allowing the very large European owl to perch on her arm!!


In Numeracy we have been partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers and rounding numbers to the nearest multiple of 10.We thoroughly enjoyed problem solving week, learning to work as a team was great.

 The Year 2 playground is right next to the building site!  We all enjoy watching the many huge machines that visit the site each day as we play!

Our Christmas Production was performed in Liverpool Road Methodist Church and was called "The Magical Christmas Box." Our class were the crackers and snowmen and some were narrators. We all sang very loudly and had a great time.

In D. T. we designed and made Christmas Stockings using felt.  We could choose whether to glue, staple or sew the felt. Do you like the photos of our stockings?
Picture 1 We designed and made Christmas Stockings!
Picture 2 Snowman Design
Picture 3 Snowman and Santa Design!
Picture 4 Tree design
Picture 5 Christmas Stocking Santa!
Picture 6 Christmas Stocking Tree
Picture 7 A Christmas Cracker!
Picture 8 Two more Christmas Crackers!
Picture 9 Two of our Snowmen!
Picture 10
Picture 11 Partitioning 3 digit numbers
Picture 12 Together make 319.
Picture 13 Samuel Pepys Visit
Picture 14 Fire of London Dance!
Picture 15 Science investigation
Picture 16 More Science investigations!
Picture 17 More Science investigations!
Picture 18 Is the circuit complete?
Picture 19 Estimating and measuring
Picture 20 The Gunnpowder Plot!
Picture 21 We have found the gunpowder and fuses!
Picture 22 Making masks
Picture 23 Mask Making
Picture 24 This owl had lost an eye! !
Picture 25 Stroking the owls
Picture 26 Being gentle and careful.
Picture 27 BarnOwl
Picture 28 European Owl
Picture 29 Enormous talons
Picture 30 L. J. The European Owl
Picture 31 Steve the Fireman
Picture 32 BarnOwl Bill shows one of his smaller owls.
Picture 33 You can tell we enjoyed BarnOwl Bill!
Picture 34 Visit from Armed Response Officer
Picture 35 Dressing up!
Picture 36 Fantastic crane
Picture 37 Crane in action
Picture 38 Taller than the school!
Picture 39 Wow!
Picture 40 Would you like to be this high?