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AUTUMN TERM 2010 Mrs Littler's Class Room 13

We soon found out what an important year 1666 was in our history when Robert Vickers (aka Samuel Pepys) came to visit in person and told us, in dramatic form, all about The Great Fire of London and how he recorded these famous events in his diary. Some of our class had the opportunity to act out scenes and get dressed up in order to help put out the fire! We will always remember the words "Flap, Mr Farryner flap!!" "Samuel Pepys" was a great hit with all the children and adults and he really brought our topic to life and got it off to a great start.

In Science, we have been exploring how things change and how sometimes these changes can be reversible or irreversible. Melting the chocolate then spreading it on biscuits was definitely our favourite experiment! We also enjoyed watching our ice-pops melt then we froze them again and ate them quickly! We are now learning all about electricity and how this 'invisible friend' is used daily in our lives. we know lots about it's dangers too!

In Numeracy we have been partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers and rounding numbers to the nearest multiple of 10, as well as learning how to give change and find lines of symmetry.We now have a wonderful new canteen which was officially opened recently by Mrs Fearn the Mayoress. As you can see from our photo below she cut the ribbon which signalled the opening. The Mayoress commented on the great singing by the Infants and Juniors.

We have enjoyed all our music making activities this term including our great efforts at learning to play the recorder, we are great at playing "B Groovy"

During the past year everyone in school has been busy raising money for our Space for Sport Area which has been located on the site of our old canteen. We were all very happy and  excited when Steven Gerrard came to our school to open our Space for Sport. To our delight, he came into our hall and answered questions posed by the children. He demonstrated the 'lollipop" action with the football and told us how he felt when playing in front of a very large crowd. We were surprised to find out that  some  players enjoy jaffa cakes at half time, in addition to a drink of lucozade!
December 2010
We all enjoyed performing our Christmas Assembly "Born in a Barn" at Liverpool Road Methodist Church Birkdale. See some of our photos below.
We also wecolmed Father Christmas into our classroom and asked him some interesting questions. He said he was looking forward to bringing some special presents to our homes on Christmas Eve late! We were all delighted with the gifts he brought us to the classroom.