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Autumn Term 2011 Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sutton Room 5

Our Topic this Half term is Toys. We  will be looking at New toys, Old toys, Bikes and Teddies. We have been on trips with Magic Grandad into the past to find out how toys have changed over the years.

In Literacy we have been trying hard to sound out words in our writing, add full stops and capital letters and add interesting WOW words. We use Think it, Say it, Write it, Read it to help us. We have also been learning our book band words to help us with our reading.

In Numeracy we have been counting and ordering numbers, learning our Number bonds to 5 and 10 using our fingers to help us! How many down? How many up? We have been recognising coins, making amounts and giving totals. We have been learning to record addition and subtraction sums, recognising number names and beginning to understand the place value of numbers eg 11 = 1 ten and 1 unit!

In Science we have been investigating the materials our toys and finding words to describe how they feel.

In the Computer suite we have been learning to write our names using the shift key for a capital letter and drawing some fabulous pictures using a variety of tools on Dazzle and researching our topic of materials.

In Art we will be looking at Sculptures. We will be inspired by the work of Andy Goldworthy to make natural sculptures and looked at the work of Henry Moore and Picasso.

Our SEAL topic this half term is New Beginnings we have been finding out about our friends how we are the same and different; how many of us had brothers or sisters, pets and what our favourite foods were. We have made a friendship chain and a Class Charter with rules to make our class a happy and safe place to learn. We wrote a recipe for a happy class!

In PSHE we have been learning how to cross the road safely with Eddy and Karen in our SURESTEP training.

Picture 1 Making Patterns
Picture 2 Playing with the Cars
Picture 3 In the Hall for PE
Picture 4 Playing Together
Picture 5 On the construction Site
Picture 6 Ordering numbers with playdough
Picture 7 Road Safety with Eddy and Karen
Picture 8 Road Safety with Eddy and Karen
Picture 9 Road Safety with Eddy and Karen
Picture 10 Road Safety with Eddy and Karen
Picture 11 Making Patterns
Picture 12 Making Patterns