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Autumn Term 2012 - Mrs Hookham's Class

All our children are now settling into nursery and are making new friends. They love playing with all the different toys and using the nursery garden to explore. Now the leaves are falling and autumn is here, we are doing lots of 'autumn themed' activities - collecting leaves and pine cones outside, leaf printing, sorting and counting fruit and vegetables and making fruit salad and vegetable soup (using our special 'little chef' knives) to name but a few!!

After the half-term holiday, when the days get shorter......look out for bonfire night activities.

Picture 1 Using balancing equipment outside
Picture 2 Rolling out play-dough
Picture 3 Fantastic dinosaur! Using a whiteboard
Picture 4 Mark making with chalk outside
Picture 5 Sorting animal shapes
Picture 6 Exploring colours on the IWB
Picture 7 We like the computer games
Picture 8 Chopping fruit for fruit salad
Picture 9 Mixing cake mixture
Picture 10 Carefully cracking an egg for cakes
Picture 11 Water play - pouring carefully
Picture 12 Autumn sculpture
Picture 13 Another sculpture using conkers, cones and leaves
Picture 14 Autumn collage - gluing leaves and seeds
Picture 15 Collecting autumn leaves
Picture 16 Dressing up
Picture 17 Look what we did!
Picture 18 Playing with puppets
Picture 19 Sharing a story