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Autumn Term Curriculum

All the classes have started the new year with great enthusiasm. We have helped new children to Farnborough Road settle in and have learnt more about each other in our SEAL topic of New Beginnings. We have reminded ourselves of our Golden Rules and made class charters making our classrooms a safe and fair place to work


We have been learning about the seasons and the weather and have been keeping a class weather book to record changes in the weather through the seasons, noting wind direction, rainfall and the time of day the sun rises and sets.
Our new topic of 'Scouting About' has captured all our imaginations. We have explored our school ground following trails in Outdoor And Adventures  and studied the area around school ; visiting St. John’s Church, looking at the houses and businesses around our school, looking at aerial photographs, making our own maps and learning our address and the address of school.


In Art we have been mixing Primary colours to make Secondary colours, studying the work of Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Andy Goldsworthy to inspire our own paintings and sculptures.


In Maths we have been counting, adding and subtracting and using coins in our class shops! Keep practising those number bonds to 10 in our Farnborough Rhyme '0 and 10 are big strong men, 1 and 9 are feeling fine, 2 and 8 are never late, 3 and 7 come from Devon, 4 and 6 like to play tricks, 5 and 5 come alive, 6 and 4 shut the door, 7 and 3 come for tea, 8 and 2 are feeling blue, 9 and 1 have just gone, 10 and 0 are superheroes!'
We are also having lots of fun learning to use our LEARNPADs !

The week beginning the 10th November is Friendship week when we will be finding out about being a good friend and writing Friendship poems.


The week beginning the 17th November we will be going back in time to find out what our school was like over 100 years ago, dressing up for our Victorian themed School Day.

Then it will be Christmas before we know it!

Thank you for all your continued support at home with the reading, book band words and homework books, we really appreciate it.