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Autumn Term in Nursery

Our children are settling really well into their nursery classes and are beginning to make new friends. They are enjoying lots of different activities both inside and out in the garden.

Our topic this term is 'Autumn' and the children have been busy collecting leaves and pinecones in the garden, that we have use for printing, collage and counting activities.

We have sorted autumn fruits and vegetables and used the vegetables to make delicious soup and the apples to make crumble, which most of the children (and grown ups too!) enjoyed sampling. We definitely have some budding chefs!

After half term the children will be meeting our toy hedgehog 'Hodge' and learning about animals that hibernate. They will be putting cutting skills to use, making spikes to stick on a hedgehog, using clay to make models and hand printing.

November is a busy month for 'fireworks and festivals.'