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Autumn Term - Mrs Hookham's am class

The children are all settled happily into nursery now and are beginning to follow the routines and make new friends. They enjoy sand and water play, constuction toys, painting and sticking activities and playing outside in the garden. 

This term many of our activities have been based around our 'autumn topic'. The children have collected and sorted autumn leaves and conkers, looked at autumn fruit and vegetables and used them to make soup and crumble. We had fun making a Guy Fawkes and using lots of glitter on our fireworks. The bear cave is very popular - the children love using torches to explore light and playing with the toy nocturnal animals.

(Scroll down for photos)

Picture 1 Making biscuits
Picture 2 Outdoor role play
Picture 3 Using a whiteboard to draw
Picture 4 Pumpkin soup
Picture 5 5,4,3,2,1, blast off!
Picture 6 Imaginative play
Picture 7 We love baking.
Picture 8 Penny for the Guy!
Picture 9 Hedgehog cakes!
Picture 10 Model making
Picture 11 Picking up small beans and sorting them.
Picture 12 Sorting shapes and colours
Picture 13 Using a mouse on the computer
Picture 14 Water play
Picture 15 Rolling play dough
Picture 16 Role play with a friend.
Picture 17 Using a computer
Picture 18 Sharing a puzzle.
Picture 19 painting
Picture 20 Look red and yellow makes orange