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AUTUMN TERM Mrs Hooton's Class 2010

Wow! We have had  a fun-packed and exciting start to our school year. 'Samuel Pepys' visited to tell us all about the Great Fire of London in 1666. Some of us were able to dress up in costumes and act out events that took place on that fateful night in Pudding Lane. 


Mr. Bousefield also visited and gave us lots of interesting information about a day in the life of a modern firefighter. We asked lots of amazing questions and Johnny was able to dress up in a real firefighters uniform. Johnny thought it was really heavy!


In Science we have been discussing how materials change and investigating wether some changes are reversible or irreversible! For example, we cooked an egg, we melted chocolate (yummy on a biscuit!) and froze ice-pops (chilly!) It was great fun!


This term we also met our Reception Buddies. We have been really helpful and kind, trying to make them feel welcome and settled at Farnborough Road Infant School. We have had lunch together in the new canteen, played games and are really looking forward to our special buddy assembly.

Picture 1 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11
Picture 2 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11
Picture 3 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11
Picture 4 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11 005
Picture 5 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11 006
Picture 6 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11
Picture 7 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11
Picture 8 HH-AT Buddies 2010-11