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Autumn Term - Mrs Mayor's class 2010

What a busy start to year two!  We began by travelling back in time to the year 1666 and the Great Fire of London.  We had great fun when "Samuel Pepys" came to school and re-enacted scenes from London at the time of the Great Fire and wrote diary extracts in the same style as Samuel himself.
In science, we have been exploring how things change and how sometimes these changes can be reversible. Melting the chocolate was definitely our favourite experiment!
We have also been finding out about people who help us in the community.  Mrs Rook, a police lady gave us a fascinating insight into her work and we nearly jumped out of our skin when she shouted, "STOP! POLICE!"  We also had a talk from Mr Bousfield who told us all about his job as a firefighter and some of us had the chance to try on his very heavy uniform.
In maths along with all the usual number work, we have been learning about symmetry and enjoyed trying our hand at making symmetrical patterns while in literacy we have been learning how to write clear instructions. At the moment we are busy being poets and have already written a wonderful anthology of Autumn poems.
One of the biggest highlights of the term so far has of course been the visit of Steven Gerrard to open our new sports area.  We came up with some fantastic questions and Millie was lucky enough to have her name pulled out and win a prize.
Picture 1 Can you guess whos dressed up as a fireman?
Picture 2 The day Steven Gerrard went back to school
Picture 3 Symmetrical patterns
Picture 4 Writing instructions for how to make a sandwich
Picture 5 Science doesn't get much tastier than this!
Picture 6 Helping Samuel Pepys to put out the fire!
Picture 7 "Samuel Pepys"writing cheeky things in his diary