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Autumn Term - Room 3 - Mrs Tickle & Mrs Cahill

Picture 1 Exploring with water.
Picture 2 Connecting tubes and pouring.
Picture 3 Sharing snack with our friends.
Picture 4 Snack time.
Picture 5 Performing a show for our friends.
Picture 6 Hide and seek.
Picture 7 Climbing and balancing.
Picture 8 Fun outdoors.
Picture 9 Lovely smiles.
Picture 10 Getting creative in the messy area.
Picture 11 Performing and dancing on the outdoor stage.
Picture 12 Experimenting with different tubes and containers
Picture 13 Fun on the computers
Picture 14 Building models and finding out about magnets
Picture 15 Making a shopping list for the home corner.
Picture 16 Busy girls, learning together.
Picture 17 Building with the construction toys.
Picture 18 Friends together in the role-play area.
Picture 19 Research and learning in the library.
Picture 20 Everyone is listening carefully to the story.
Picture 21 Exersise on the bikes.
Picture 22 water painting outdoors.
Picture 23 Enjoying fun with friends outdoors.
Picture 24 Busy with the chalkboards.
Picture 25 Learning to balance on stilts.
Picture 26 Enjoying play outdoors
Picture 27 Exploring superheros.
Picture 28 Play in the role-play area.
Picture 29 Imaginitive play.
Picture 30 Gluing and sticking.
Picture 31 Making models with the k'nex construction toys.
Picture 32 Making lunch for our friends.