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Autumn Term Year 2

What a busy and exciting start to our new term!  Our new topic "From Mammoth to Minuscule" has proven to be very popular and we have produced some fantastic work already.  We started off the year by exploring the Guinness book of records in search of some amazing facts and wrote some brilliant true/ false statements. Perhaps some of us will be including the new Guinness book of records on their Christmas list this year!


We enjoyed finding out about the dinosaurs and wrote wonderful, informative leaflets using the facts that we had learned.  By contrast, we then focussed on the tiniest creatures such as ants and bees and showed off all that we knew in our leaflets about them. What fun we had writing riddles and similes inspired by large and small creatures.  Our teachers have been so impressed with the writing that we have produced so far.


In science we have been identifying and sorting the great variety of animals that live on our planet.  We have looked at how animals have adapted to their environment and we were really inspired to produce some quality artwork in response.

In RE, we have been listening to stories from the Old Testament such as David and Goliath and Joseph and his amazing coat. We thought about the messages behind these stories such as envy and strength of character. 

In geography, we have become experts at map reading.  We have made maps of our own as well as identifying the countries that make up the United Kingdom and naming the seven continents and five oceans.  The teachers thought that the quality of the maps that we made for homework was incredible!


In mathematics, we have continued to develop our mental skills and are challenging ourselves each week with our exciting new "ten minute maths sessions."  We have thoroughly enjoyed reminding ourselves about the properties of 2d and 3d shapes and producing some lovely symmetrical patterns.  Our recent data collection was popular as we tallied information gathered from our maths group and displayed it in different ways.

We have come back refreshed after the half-term holiday and are being inspired to read and write poetry. We are enjoying finding out about how to improve our poetry writing by including alliteration and onomatopoeia. Learning about calligrams and shape poems is great fun too! In science and PSHE we are finding out about how to be healthy by learning about eating a balanced diet, keeping fit, keeping clean, keeping happy and having enough rest. We will be exploring what is meant by carrying out a 'fair test' when we undertake an investigation.

Now December is here we are busy with our Christmas performance 'Born in a Barn'. Practices are going very well and we'll be very fit after all our walks to church! In class we have been developing our letter writing skills. We have written to our buddies and Father Christmas. We have designed superb Christmas stockings and most of us have chosen to sew them together. Everywhere in school is looking very festive. One of our highlights is opening the chocolate Advent Calendar every morning.