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Farnborough Road Infant School - Reception - Spring Term 2015

We are having a wonderful time in Reception learning through our new topics of Traditional Tales and Spring.  We have been acting out stories in our drama time in the studio.  We have been thinking about the different parts in a story, story language such as once upon a time, characters, settings and plots!  Our children have enjoyed retelling, reading and writing about: The Three Little Pigs, The Billy Goats Gruff, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood.    Through playing and exploring in our role play areas indoors and outside we are able to talk about the characters and act out scenes from stories.  We had lots of fun creating menus in Little Red Riding Hood's outdoor kitchen and making strong houses to keep the three little pigs safe from the big bad wolf!  We helped each other adapt and make changes to ensure they were as strong as they could be.


We have also enjoyed a spectacular science and technology week.  We developed lots of skills to help create, fix together, evaluate, explore, observe and adapt models.  We were very impressed with the D.T. homework challenge, thank you for all the lovely models.  We carried out investigations and had lots of fun being active learners.   We have also enjoyed setting our own 'goals' as part of our S.E.A.L. theme of 'Going for Goals'.  Our children experienced 'Junior Chef' and had great fun making a Handa's Surprise Fruit Sundae.  We have also been very lucky to have Rosie Seddon Wright a specialist P.E. teacher, supporting our children in developing skills in gymnastics.

It has been very exciting learning about Chinese New Year.  We have been practising our own dragon dances, singing celebration songs, sampling food, making decorations, learning about the different animal years and much more!