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Miss Cox Room 12

Picture 1 Working with Sharon King from the Talent Factory.
Picture 2 Carnival dance, drama and music.
Picture 3 Getting in the carnival mood.
Picture 4 Feel the beat!
Picture 1 Inter-schools Sports Winners at Green Bank
Picture 2 Happy winners!
Picture 3 Feeling confident!
Picture 4 Calm before a race
Picture 5 Heading for Children's University graduation
Picture 6 Wow! We won!
Picture 7 Proud graduates with Toffee
Picture 1 Medals for being a great footballer.
Picture 2 Super sports medal and certificate
Picture 3 A trophy for being Southport FC mascot
Picture 4 I am very pleased with my medals.
Picture 5 It looks good!
Picture 6 Multilink Patterns
Picture 7 Sensational Symmetry Work
Picture 8 A massive mouse!
Picture 9 Dinosaur crazy!
Picture 10 A dinosaur visits our class!
Picture 11 Super Sam swoops in!
Picture 12 School Council children buttering toast.
Picture 13 This toast is yummy.
Picture 14 Harvest Assembly
Picture 15 The Altar laid out with harvest vegetables.