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Miss Cox Spring Term 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school. This term will see all Year 2 children entering 'The Dragon's Den', as Year 2 have been invited to participate in Southport Learning Partnership's Enterprise Project. During the first half of the term we will be acquiring many new skills. Initially, we have focussed on finding out about the geoography of Southport. We have located Southport on the map of the UK and enjoyed identifying features from aerial photographs of Southport. We have played guess the object from looking at their plan view and matching to their side view.


Our Enterprise Project certainly got our creative juices going; generated lots of discussion and helped us develop our literacy,numeracy, ICT and artistic skills. Miss Cox and Mrs. Dunne were thrilled with the entusiasm and commitment all the children displayed towards the project. Many children have been inspired to research ice-cream recipes, draw ice-cream images and devise poems at home.


We have now embarked on our 'Around the World' adventures, first stop China. Mrs. Rothwell kick-started this topic with very informative talk about her visit. She enhanced her talk by showing us many interesting and beautiful artefacts. We don't know how she managed to bring them all back from China in her suitcase. Next stop has been Africa. We have focused on the great variety of magnificent wild animals, this has also linked in with our 'Variation' topic in Science. Alphabetical order has also been a focus whilst we have been learning about the continent of Africa. Miss Cox was very impressed with the standard of homework; putting countries of the world in alphabetical order.


On Friday 18th March we really loved participating in Red Nose Day. We brought donations of money to school and were allowed to wear our own clothes. Many of us wore red and the cute Red Nose Day noses. We watched a very moving dvd about a boy called Francis, who could not afford to go to school. It made us realise how important it is to support Red Nose Day and that we are very fortunate that we all attend such a lovely school.

Picture 1 Chefs for a day!
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 Being a Junior Chef was fab!
Picture 7
Picture 8 Red Nose Day,March 18th 2011
Picture 9 We were allowed to wear our own clothes.
Picture 10 Lots of us wore red noses
Picture 11 Good listening in our assembly.
Picture 12 We had a special Red Nose Day assembly.
Picture 13 Red nose day
Picture 14 Issy's mum walked with us to Birkdale library.
Picture 15 Which one should I choose?
Picture 16 Shhhhh! We're reading.
Picture 17 So many wonderful books to enjoy.
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 Charlie visits Mrs. Magee at the library.
Picture 21
Picture 22 Do you recognise these people?
Picture 23 Dressing up is fun.
Picture 24 Cool dudes!
Picture 25 Lots of different book characters.
Picture 26 Don't we look elegant!
Picture 27 The 'Stig' is revealed...
Picture 28 We look great!
Picture 29 We love dressing up!
Picture 30 Graceful fairy and ballerina.
Picture 31 Being with friends on 'World Book Day' is great.
Picture 32 Mrs. Rothwell's China Talk
Picture 33 A beautiful embroidered jacket.
Picture 34 A copy of a terracotta army figure.
Picture 35 We listened carefully to Mrs. Rothwell's talk
Picture 36 Charlie started to visit friends in January.
Picture 37 We typed a letter to our mums and dads.
Picture 38 A recount of 'The Enterprise Project'
Picture 39 We put lots of effort into our Enterprise Display
Picture 40 We put lots of effort into our Enterprise Display
Picture 41 Learning about maps and plans.
Picture 42 Letter writing
Picture 43 More letters to Mrs. Cheetham
Picture 44 Bird's eye view of the village.