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Miss Cox's Class Autumn 2012

Hello everyone, welcome to our Year 2's class  autumn website information.

We have started the term thinking about what we need to do stay healthy. During this time we have explored keeping clean and discovered liquid soap was the most efficient at getting our hands clean,  a bar of soap was next and Mr. Soapy (the foaming soap we have in class) was the worst. We thought about how to keep the investigation fair so we timed each wash for 10 seconds and used the same temperature of water. We had great fun coating our hands with blue paint which represented germs. Blue paint was everywhere.....Miss Cox was a little worried when our class was called to have their photographs taken! I think we escaped without any paint being visible on our photos.....Phew!

Tasting, drawing and painting a range of delicious fruit was great fun. Our Class of the Week Assembly was based on being healthy. We baffled the rest of Key Stage 1 with some fabulous food riddles and shared our excellent art work.

We learnt about hospitals in the past and discovered that they were scary, dirty places before Florence Nightingale and her team of nurses changed them. Miss Cox was very impressed with our research homework about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. A highlight of this history work was a visit by 'Tempus Fugit Theatre Company'. We greatly enjoyed an interactive Florence Nightingale performance.

Getting our names in the 'Chance Box' is a super reward for working hard or keeping the 'Golden Rules'. Taking 'Charlie' our class 'Build-a-bear' home for the weekend is a real treat. We now have a special wardrobe for all the outfits.

Harvest is a special time of the year when we think about giving to others. This year we are collecting tins of food and presenting them to Reverend Tim at the Methodist Church on Liverpool Road.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 Going for goal!
Picture 10 Look at our great hockey skills.
Picture 11 Miss Cox wasn't too much of a challenge for us!
Picture 12 I was the top scorer!
Picture 13 I won a medal for superb dancing.
Picture 14 I was proud when I was chosen player of the week.
Picture 15 We enjoyed Florence Nightingale's visit.
Picture 16 Scrubbing the floor to make it clean was hard work
Picture 17 Aargh! My head hurts.
Picture 18 Wow! That cleaned our hands the best!
Picture 19 Lets clean our hands together.
Picture 20 We had to rub our hands to clean them properly.
Picture 21 Hmm... not bad but still not clean.
Picture 22 Will anything clean these hands?
Picture 23 Don't come too close!
Picture 24 We drew our healthy foods.
Picture 25 My favourite is the banana.
Picture 26 We used a pie chart to find out about foods.
Picture 27 Do you think this cleaned our hands the best?
Picture 28 I drew a lovely pineapple!
Picture 29 Good enough to eat!
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33 Wow! What a lovely picture!
Picture 34 Our pictures were very detailed.
Picture 35 When we had finished we ate the pineapple, Yum!
Picture 36 My drawing made me hungry.