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Miss Cox's Class Spring 2013

Welcome to our Spring Website pages. Well, we have grabbed our passports and headed off to the continent of Africa to kick start our 'Around the World' topic. We enjoyed reading some traditional tales  and wrote our own versions of 'Why Frog and Snake Can't be Friends' and 'Why Flies Buzz'. We have explored alphabetical order using dictionaries and glossaries.
When we visited India we enjoyed using 'Become a World Explorer' to familiarise ourselves with its landmarks and animals. We used images from this exotic country to inform our pressprint tiles. Miss Cox was very impressed with our finished art work. One of our favourite activities was tasting poppadoms with mango chutney. Some of us were very brave and sampled lime pickle!! Good job we bring water bottles to school!

Mrs. Rothwell gave an extremely interesting talk about her travels in China. She brought an amazing array of artefacts. We all wondered how she got all the bits and bobs in her suitcase, it must have been colossal! Following the talk we made some informative leaflets about China. We made some excellent word choices and found pictures on the internet to illustrate our work.

Our Numeracy skills are really developing and we are becoming much quicker working out calculations in our heads. Some of us are using three digit numbers confidently. We have enjoyed exploring 2D and 3D shapes, finding right angles and spotting lines of symmetry. We are continuing to practise telling the time and solving time problems.

In science we thoroughly enjoyed making circuits and testing various materials to see if electricity would travel through them. We also inserted motors, buzzers and made spinners. In RE we enjoyed listening to stories which have meanings. In Year 2 we enjoy using the large climbing frame, some of us are getting really brave and can reach the top. The real 'monkeys' in the class can reach the top using the rope! On 'Space for Sport' we have been honing our hockey skills and developing our ability to work as a team. In SEAL we have been working on 'Going for Goals'. Some of us are very proud and have worked very hard to achieve them. 

Junior Chef have visited and we all became 'Mini Chefs' for the afternoon. We cut, sliced, diced and assembled a terrific tropical fruit crunch...Watch out Jamie Oliver!!

We  all enjoyed our relaxing half term holiday and  were lucky with the weather too. 'Plop' the baby barn owl has introduced himself in our literacy topic and we think he is really cute. Will he ever get used to the dark? Our SEAL topic 'It's Good To Be Me' has started with some drama work. We had to think about our behaviour and not be impulsive like Daphne Dinosaur but be more thoughtful like Olive Owl.

In Design and Technology we made wonderful winding mechanisms. Miss Cox was impressed with the great variety of creative ideas.
Picture 1 I am proud of my rocket winding mechanism.
Picture 2 What fluffy clouds!
Picture 3 Undersea World winding mechanism
Picture 4 I've caught a big fish. I can wind it in.
Picture 5 Making 2D shapes with string was fun.
Picture 6 Making irregular 2D shapes.
Picture 7 Busy hands!
Picture 8 Are you ready chef?
Picture 9 Are you ready chef?
Picture 10 Great cutting skills....such concentration!
Picture 11
Picture 12 Wow! Delicious frut crunch
Picture 13 Those crocodile clips are tricky to open.
Picture 14 Working as a team making circuits.
Picture 15 Fingers crossed it works.
Picture 16 Nearly done it.
Picture 17 Scary dragons inspired by Chinese New Year.
Picture 18 Moulding clay carefully.
Picture 19 Yummy Chinese Fortune Cookies.
Picture 20 Carefully painted colourful dragons.
Picture 21 Can I eat it now?
Picture 22 Mmmm! Yummy poppadoms.
Picture 23 More please!
Picture 24 That's good!
Picture 25 I think he likes it.
Picture 26 The twelve animals from Chinese New Year.
Picture 27 Gold and red feature a lot in Chinese art.
Picture 28 Red is considered a lucky colour.
Picture 29 Mrs. Rothwell gave a Chinese talk.
Picture 30 Beautifully embroidered silk dresses.