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Mrs Andrew's Afternoon Nursery Autumn Term Page

All the children have settled in well and are enjoying our topic which is all about autumn.
We have been looking at signs of autumn- leaves, conkers and seeds- then using them for all sorts of art and craft, counting and sorting activities.
We have spent some time talking about autumn festivals including Diwalli and  we are now learning about the animals which are beginning to hibernate.
The next phase of out topic will be looking at more wintery weather and cold colours. then it will be Christmas with Glitter Galore!

Look out for our Nativity scene which will incorporate scarecrow angels!

Picture 1 Making our own games from junk modelling.
Picture 2 Enjoying wet sand.
Picture 3 Fun with sticky paint!
Picture 4 Early musical talent on our outdoor stage.
Picture 5 Singing and dancing on the stage.
Picture 6 Musical dressing up fun!
Picture 7 Measuring using metal containers.
Picture 8 Dry sand can be used to turn wheels.
Picture 9 Mark making using shaving foam.
Picture 10 Fun with brushes and water outside.
Picture 11 Nursery can be relaxing too!
Picture 12 Learning to control a computer mouse is fun.
Picture 13 Sometimes we use TINY things in the water play.