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Mrs Chester's Class Spring Term 2013

Welcome back after the busy Christmas holidays!  This half term, we have been flying around the world, visiting a variety of exciting destinations.  Our first stop was the continent of Africa, where we loved reading the story 'Why Frog and Snake Can't Be Friends'.  The story telling and artwork from this book was fabulous!  Following on from this, we zoomed onwards, to look at India, where we learned lots of interesting information about the culture, art and architecture of this country.  We even tasted some of the foods  -  sampling some spicy flavours (though some of us were not quite so keen!).  We have written non-fiction leaflets, which are bursting with interesting and informative facts, and have designed persuasive posters, encouraging everyone to visit our exotic destinations.   Mrs Rothwell inspired us during her talk on China.  She brought in such interesting artefacts for us to look including a model terracotta soldier, and beautiful silk clothing, as well as the most delicate artwork.  We have been learning about the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China, and have learned about the story of the Chinese New Year, and the Willow Pattern.  One of our class has been busy researching information at home.  Did you know that ice cream originated in China?

Our Science topic has been electricity, and we have investigated whether electricity can pass through a variety of different materials.  We talked about how investigations should be a fair, and the importance of making predictions that we can find out about.  We have also been discussing how we can save energy, and which sources of electricity are renewable or non-renewable.

During our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) sessions we have been thinking about the type of learner we are.  Do we learn by looking, listening, or doing?  We have been setting ourselves goals to achieve and we have been practising and trying our very best to achieve them.  We can do it!

Our RE work has been learning about stories with a moral.  We began by looking at Aesop's Fables, and really enjoyed deciding what the moral of the different fables might be.  We are moving on to think about the Stories that Jesus told including the Prodigal Son.

In ICT, we have been using the World Explorer programme to find lots of information about the different places we have visited.  We have created posters about China and have used the Barnaby Bear programme to learn about different cities around the world.

We have been very busy working in our Maths sessions, working on calculations - adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, and have been brushing up on our problem solving skills.  We have had lots of fun looking at symmetry, and 2D and 3D shape.  More recently, we have been collecting data, and have found lots of information out about our likes and dislikes!

Junior Chef has been another highlight of this half term.  We put on our aprons and chef's hats and off we went to create a delicious Tropical Fruit Crunch.  We worked very carefully, and extremely hard dicing the fruit, and using a stencil to cut out our pineapple.  We learned about some very unusual and exotic fruit, and found out which continent they originated from.  Do you know which continent grapes, pineapples, granola, mango and water melon come from?

In PE we have loved using the large apparatus.  We are working hard on putting together a movement sequence which includes a starting and finishing position, a balance, a jump and a roll.  We have enjoyed climbing the ropes and showing off our gymnastic skills, we have lots of future Olympic hopefuls, inspired by the visit of Daniel Purves to our school.  We have also been developing our kicking skills,and have been trying to improve our control when passing the ball.

Watch this space for further news as our Spring Term progresses!

Picture 1 Yes Chef!
Picture 2 Working hard in Junior Chef
Picture 3 Which shapes contain right angles?
Picture 4 Our wonderful China talk
Picture 5 Busy with our circuits