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Mrs Chester's Class Summer Term 2013

Our Summer Term started with a flourish, when Samuel Pepys dropped in to delight us with tales of life in London, in 1666.  We learned a wonderful song  and had lots of fun finding out about how to make a water chain.  The children had opportunities to join in with the action, and one of our class played the part of Thomas Farynor, bravely flapping the flames of the fire in his bakery, sadly to no avail! 

Another visitor to our school, Mr Bousfield, brought along his fire engine to show us!  We learned all about the protective clothing worn by the fire fighters, and were able to try the clothing on.  It was extremely heavy.  We asked Mr Bousfield some really thought provoking questions about his job, and enjoyed listening to his informative answers.

Our Science topic this half term has been materials.  We have been learning how some materials can change when they are heated, and how some of these changes are reversible and irreversible.  Our ice pop investigation (on a rather warm day) was a great success, and we have recently been investigating the changes that occur in chocolate, and eggs, when they are heated and are allowed to cool down. 

In our Maths work, we have been solving a range of calculations, using different strategies, using a number line, a hundred square, and mental strategies.  We have also been thinking about patterns in numbers, and how to solve more complex word problems.  We have enjoyed our maths challenges.

Picture 1 London's Burning - pour on water
Picture 2 Quick - grab an axe and pull down the houses
Picture 3 Let's demonstrate how the flames flickered!
Picture 4 The Fire jumped from building to building