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Mrs Hookham - Butterflies Class - Autumn Term

Picture 1 Using a lightbox
Picture 2 Wow...we found a spider's web.
Picture 3 Playing together.
Picture 4 Play dough spiders.
Picture 5 Printing.
Picture 6 Looking for spider's web's in the garden.
Picture 7 I found a spider.
Picture 8 Leaf printing.
Picture 9 Making music outside.
Picture 10 Mark making.
Picture 11 Looking for Autumn leaves and matching them.
Picture 12 Counting conkers.
Picture 13 Andy Goldworthy sculpture, using natural objects.
Picture 14 Our completed sculpture.
Picture 15 Sharing a book with friend's.
Picture 16 We love painting.
Picture 17 Cutting pumpkin to make soup.
Picture 18 We all wanted to make bread!