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Mrs Hooton Autumn Term

Picture 1 Bike day!
Picture 2 Bike day!
Picture 3 Bike day!
Picture 4 Too big or too small?
Picture 5 A fabulous Penny Farthing!
Picture 6 Working together
Picture 7 What a fantastic rocket!
Picture 8 Winding up!
Picture 9 Winding up!
Picture 10 Winding up!
Picture 11 We brought in a lot of food for the Food Bank
Picture 12 Saying a prayer to thank God for the Harvest
Picture 13 Singing songs at our Harvest Assembly
Picture 14 We were all so proud!
Picture 15 The baby did not cry!
Picture 16 A cross on the baby's head with special water
Picture 17 Mum and Dad and the Minister
Picture 18 Christening our class bear!
Picture 19 Push and pull toys
Picture 20 Push and pull toys