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Mrs Hooton's Class Autumn Term

Welcome back!
We have been really busy, it's hard to believe we have only been back for a couple of weeks! Our topic this term is health and healthy eating. We did some lovely observational drawings of exotic fruits and then cut them up to make a tasty fruit salad! Yum!


Soon we will be welcoming an actress into Year 2! 'Florence Nightingale' will be visiting and telling us all about her life as a nurse long ago. When we compare hospitals now to those in the past, I am sure we will all appreciate the lovely doctors and nurses and the clean hospitals of today!


In SEAL our focus is New Beginnings. We have talked about our worries about starting a new year and created our Class Charter to help us remember how to be respectful, kind and caring to all our friends and teachers in school. 

Our class bear is called Toffee! We are all working very hard to get our names into the chance box, we hope that we will get the 'chance' to take Toffee home for the weekend! Remember to take some photos and tell the rest of the class all about your exciting adventures together!


In Literacy we have been learning about nouns and proper nouns and writing riddles about healthy fruits and vegetables. We learned to write lots of clues and not to give the answer away too quickly!
We are also trying hard to remember to add full stops and capital letters to our writing.