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Mrs Hooton's class Spring 2012

Our topic this term has been 'Around the World' and we have been learning about Africa, China and India. To introduce the topic we read a fantastic story called 'The Great Round the World Balloon Race'. We were lucky enough to have been sent lots of photos and a letter by the author Sue Scullard so we could see how she created her fascinating story and her lovely, colourful pictures!


In Africa, we read traditional stories and created African patterns. In China, we painted beautiful blossom, tried to write Chinese characters and numbers, and acted out the story of how the years in the Chinese Zodiac got their names. In India, we created intricate mehndi hand patterns and listened to Indian stories.


Each time we began learning about a different country, we researched each one during ICT sessions using World Explorer. We found out lots of facts and used them when we made leaflets about each place.


We LOVED Science and Technology week! It was a very busy week and we enjoyed making and playing with the gloop, constructing paper planes and firing rockets high in the sky on Space for Sport. We explored lots of activities in the hall independently and with our buddies. One of our favourite things was the light box and the dark house!


After half term we are going to be meeting lots of interesting characters in Literacy and learning how to write a character study.

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