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Mrs Littler's Class Autumn 2012

Welcome to the Autumn Term in Year 2!
We have been really busy this first half term! Our topic is Keeping Healthy and Healthy Eating.
We painted and sketched some excellent observational drawings of exotic fruits and then cut them up to make a tasty fruit salad!
We were delighted to have a visit from an actress who showed us what it was like to be 'Florence Nightingale' and also what life was like at the Scutari hospital in the Crimea. Max, in our class was fantastic at acting the part of an injured soldier in the Crimean War and Rose was amazing as a nurse, even scrubbing the floor - with Florence in charge, of course! When we compare hospitals now to those in the past, we all appreciate the lovely doctors and nurses and the clean hospitals we have today!

In SEAL our focus is New Beginnings. We have talked about our worries about starting a new year and created our Class Charter to help us remember how to be respectful, kind and caring to all our friends and teachers in school.

Our class bear is called Baxter! We are all working very hard to get our names into the chance box, and Baxter has already had some amazing weekend trips at homes in Southport. We have all enjoyed looking at the photos and talking about his exciting adventures. Kylie, our shy class kangaroo is enjoying sitting with children who are trying hard with their work and who are listening carefully to the teacher.

In Literacy we have been learning about nouns and proper nouns and writing riddles about healthy fruits and vegetables. We learnt to write lots of clues but to keep the 'give away' clue until the end! We are also trying hard to remember to add full stops and capital letters to our writing.
Reading poetry is a great favourite with our class looking out for how many lines there are in a verse, and which words rhyme. We are going to try to be poets soon and hopefully we will write some exciting poems about Autumn and Fireworks! We hope to include alliteration and onomatopoeia!
Harvest is a special time of the year when we think about giving to others. This year we are collecting tins of food and presenting them to Reverend Tim at the Methodist Church on Liverpool Road.
Picture 1 Learning about a balanced diet
Picture 2 A recipe for healthy eating!
Picture 3 Do you like our exotic fruit collage?
Picture 4 Lushious watermelon
Picture 5 A carefully shaded aubergine.
Picture 6 Nice texture shown of this melon
Picture 7 Fruit kebabs!
Picture 8 I need teeth to eat this!!
Picture 9 I like this one!
Picture 10 Can you tell how much I enjoyed chopping and slici
Picture 11 Ready to eat!
Picture 12 We enjoyed this activity!
Picture 13 Taking our time and looking closely
Picture 14 It's not easy to draw a sphere!
Picture 15 The pineapple proved tricky to draw!
Picture 16 sketching with soft pencil
Picture 17 sketching exotic fruit
Picture 18 pastel drawing
Picture 19
Picture 20 Looking very closel
Picture 21 good concentration
Picture 22 Taking care not to smudge!