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Mrs Littler's Class Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 2! All the children have happily settled into Room 13 and are quickly getting used to  the busy Year 2 routines. We have been active since day 1, firstly completing our Class Charter, which we all signed and which will stay visible in our room all year to remind us that we want our classroom to be a happy and safe place. Our new topic is HEALTH which also includes the important message of healthy eating. We have all enjoyed completing close observational drawings of a variety of fruit (and vegetables) some quite exotic like passionfruit, greengage, mango and papaya. We chose to work with a variety of media such as felt tips, charcoal, soft drawing pencils, pastel and wax crayons. (see some of our fantastic results below.) After drawing the fruit we had the luxury of eating it too!  Yummy and SO healthy!
In Maths we have been revising place value to 100 and beyond and counting in various multiples to get our brains ready for multiplication, which we will be doing soon. We have been estimating then rounding numbers to the nearest multiple of 10. Everyday, we count aloud and have much improved when counting backwards in steps of one,two, five and ten.Visit this link
In literacy, we found out that a noun is something that can usually be photographed and we have thoroughly enjoyed writing riddles about the fruits, giving interesting descriptive clues, taking a new line for each clue and keeping the best clue until last - which is not easy to do. We have also been trying hard to use calligrams in our shape poetry, to great effect.
Next week, we start our science work and are looking forward to finding out all about how we can keep our bodies fit and healthy and about a balanced diet.
We are really excited at the prospect of a visit from "Florence Nightingale" who will be telling us all about her amazing work in Scutari  and giving us a real insight into how hospitals were run when Victoria was our Queen. In ICT, we have been using the Dazzle' program to further develop our mouse and drawing skills and have discovered that the line tool can be quite tricky to manipulate.
In Games we are using beanbags and balls to help us improve our throwing and catching. In Gymnastics we have learnt how to treat the apparatus like china and are improving our skills of travelling and balancing on the large apparatus.
Baxter, our class Build-a-Bear has already been home to Harriet's house to help her settle into her new class and he had a super weekend of treats there. We all continue to work hard and keep the Golden Rules in order to get our names in the chance box. Kylie, our resident kangaroo, is enjoying sitting beside children who are quiet and who listen carefully.
Soon,it will be time to take part in the Buddy Assembly (Thursday,October 6th.) Our Buddies are from Reception Class 2 and we have already enjoyed meeting and playing with them.
Picture 1 Our Great Class Charter.
Picture 2 Baxter and Kylie
Picture 3 Buddy time with magnetic toys.
Picture 4 We enjoyed playing with the room 13 toys.
Picture 5 Buddies love to draw and colour.
Picture 6 Proud Buddies
Picture 7 Buddies enjoy building!
Picture 8 Bye-bye buddies, come back soon!
Picture 9 Buddies help each other to learn!
Picture 10 Multiples of 2, 5 and 10.
Picture 11 Counting on and back.
Picture 12 Neat recording.
Picture 13 Place Value Game for 2
Picture 14 Inside of an apple
Picture 15 Which 2 digit number shall we make?
Picture 16 Roll the two dice.
Picture 17 How many more to make 100?
Picture 18 Recording neatly!
Picture 19 Blending pastel crayons
Picture 20 Close observation of inside of papaya
Picture 21 Detailed pineapple
Picture 22 Plum
Picture 23 Exotic mango!
Picture 24 Great colouring!
Picture 25 The humble tomato!
Picture 26 Close observation of pineapple
Picture 27 Blending pastel crayons
Picture 28 Fruit Tasting
Picture 29 Super concentration!
Picture 30 Pineapple
Picture 31 Strawberry