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Mrs Littler's Class Spring 2012

It's nearly half term and we have been around the world!! We started off this interesting topic by reading the text "The Great Around the World Balloon Race" by Sue Scullard. We have further extended our geographical skills by visiting Africa, China and India.
Our first stop was AFRICA! We have researched a great variety of magnificent wild animals, helping to cross link to Autumn Term Science topic of 'Variation.'  We have been learning about the continent of Africa and the many traditions of the countries within Africa, leading to greater understanding of children who are less fortunate than ourselves.
Our China topic had an exciting start! We were amazed on entering the Studio to see Mrs Rothwell dressed in a beautiful blue silk Chinese dress. We thoroughly enjoyed her very informative talk on many aspects of Chinese life, and couldn't believe all the superb artefacts she had brought back in her suitcase! (Look out for our photos of the Terracotta Warriors.)
Mrs Littler was very impressed with the very informative leaflets we produced, advertising the
magnificent sights in China. We also advertised the main attractions in China by producing superb posters using our ICT skills. We are becoming really expert at downloading photos and using them to make our work more interesting.
In Literacy, we have enjoyed reading some traditional tales from Africa, India and China, The Willow Pattern" story being a particular favourite.
In Numeracy we have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes and whether or not they have lines of symmetry. We have also been sorting the shapes according to properties and have discovered the heptagon!
In SEAL, we have been thinking about what goals we hope to achieve this year.  We have displayed them in the classroom, and, later in the term we will check to see who has managed to reach their goal. Both Charlotte and Harvey have already achieved their goals and were proud to show these in our recent SEAL Assembly!
In RE, we are learning about the stories Jesus told. Our favourite so far has been "The Prodigal Son" and we enjoyed exploring the possible feelings of the father and the son!
Science and Technology week was amazing and we carried out some great investigations/experiments in our classroom and on Space for Sport. Watching how air bubbles from lemonade stuck to raisins then popping to the surface had us agog!   A firm favourite was making "gloop"  from equal amounts of cornflour and water. it was very strange as the mixture felt wet then dry at the same time. We investigated the push force by using our feet to set off rockets off into the sky on Space for Sport Area.  Our rockets went SO high they went right over the fence, thankfully, the fast Reception children brought them back to us! We all enjoyed meeting our Buddy Class in the hall and sharing the great range of investigations there. In addition to this exciting week, we also made circuits using wires, batteries, bulbs and spinners! (see our photos)
Picture 1 multiples of 3
Picture 2 More x 3 table!
Picture 3 Symmetry with pegs
Picture 4 Symmetry with mirrors
Picture 5 Symmetrical Giants
Picture 6 Looking at reflection
Picture 7 Secrets! (PSHE)
Picture 8 Drama about Secrets
Picture 9 Drama about Secrets
Picture 10 Raisin & lemonade investigation
Picture 11 Predicting what might happen!
Picture 12 What happened?
Picture 13 GOOP!!
Picture 14 Mixing the Goop!
Picture 15 Design and Make
Picture 16 We had a great time in the Studio
Picture 17 Our Hot Air Balloon
Picture 18 Working as a Team
Picture 19 Model Building!
Picture 20 Great Team Work!
Picture 21 Naming body parts
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24 Rocket launching!
Picture 25 We all looked to see which rocket went highest.
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34
Picture 35 Chinese Dragon Dance
Picture 36 head of the dragon
Picture 37
Picture 38
Picture 39
Picture 40 Terracotta Warrior in our Studio!
Picture 41 Chinese new year symbols
Picture 42 Chinese Lanterns