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Mrs Littler's Class Spring Term 2013

It's nearly half term and we have been around the world!! We started off this interesting topic by reading the text "The Great Around the World Balloon Race" by Sue Scullard. We have further extended our geographical skills by visiting Africa, China and India.

Our first stop was AFRICA! We have researched a great variety of magnificent wild animals, helping to cross link to Autumn Term Science topic of 'Variation.' We have been learning about the continent of Africa and the many traditions of the 52 countries within Africa, leading to greater understanding of children who are less fortunate than ourselves. We had fun painting mixed up African animals and making collages of the amusing African folktale "Why Frog and Snake Can't be Friends!"

Next we were off to INDIA! This country proved doubly exciting because one of our class members is there at the moment!! We adored looking at the amazing Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world and sketching it carefully. Using the CD ROM 'Becoming a World Explorer' was a superb visual introduction to familiarise ourselves with its varied countryside, animals and landmarks. We used images from this distant country to inform our press print tiles which have made a colourful display in our classroom showing "mirror images" of our designs. To conclude our work on India we tasted poppadoms with mango chutney. Most of our class asked for seconds, however, this was not the case when tasting the lime pickle!

Our CHINA topic had an exciting start! We were amazed on entering the Studio to see Mrs Rothwell dressed in a beautiful silk Chinese dress! We thoroughly enjoyed her very informative talk on many aspects of Chinese life, and couldn't believe all the superb artefacts she had brought back in her suitcase! (Look out for our photos of the Terracotta Warrior.)
Mrs Littler was very impressed with the informative leaflets we produced, advertising the magnificent sights in China. The main visitor attractions in China were also displayed in our superb posters using our ICT skills. We are becoming quite expert at downloading appropriate photos and using them to make our posters more interesting. (Our favourite was the Giant Panda)

In Literacy, we have enjoyed reading some traditional tales from Africa, India and China, the "Willow Pattern" story being a particular favourite. We continue to enhance our writing by adding interesting adjectives, time connectives and the brave have even tried to add speechmarks!

In our Maths groups we have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes and whether or not they have lines of symmetry. We have also been sorting the shapes according to properties and have discovered the 2D heptagon and the 3D hemisphere! We also continue to practise counting forwards and backwards in various multiples. Recently, we have been collecting data, and have found out lots of information about our favourite fruits, toys and pets!

In SEAL,(Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) we have been thinking about the goals we hope to achieve this year. We have displayed these in the classroom, and soon, we will check to see who has managed to reach their goal.

In RE, we are learning about the stories Jesus told. Our favourite, so far, has been "The Prodigal Son" where we explored the feelings of the father and the son by acting out the story. (see photos)

Our Science Topic has been so amazing because we have been working with electricity!! We all made circuits using wires, batteries, bulbs and spinners! (see our photos) We learnt SO much about the dangers of electricity and even found out that electricity can pass through some children's shoes!!
Everyone also drew and labelled a circuit that failed for several different reasons.

Junior Chef has been another exciting interlude this half term.  We worked very hard chopping, slicing and arranging granola plus exotic fruit (from six continents) to create a delicious Tropical Fruit Crunch.  We even learnt how to stencil a pineapple and how to test if it is ready to eat!

Mrs Littler was really impressed with the wonderful winding mechanisms we produced for Design Technology! (see photos)
We really enjoyed World Book Day! Everyone dressed up for this special occasion and we had a great time reading AND making wonderful music with percussion instruments.
Picture 1 Kylie Baxter and Sparkle
Picture 2 enjoying a rest!
Picture 3 Visit from Easter Bunny
Picture 4 Cymbals
Picture 5 Careful listening needed here!
Picture 6 Listen out for the tambour!
Picture 7 Superheroes?
Picture 8 Can you guess which story characters?
Picture 9
Picture 10 All princesses - for sure!
Picture 11 Guess Who?
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14 Fantastic costumes
Picture 15 More special ladies here!
Picture 16 Super spider climbing the spout!
Picture 17 Collecting water in a bucket
Picture 18 Diving!
Picture 19 Escaping from the castle
Picture 20 Winding up to the battlements!
Picture 21 Great window cleaner!
Picture 22 Even outer space!
Picture 23 Fishing is fun!
Picture 24 Like my spinner?
Picture 25 This is fun!
Picture 26 Trying hard to fit the crocodile clips
Picture 27 Successfully lit!
Picture 28 Helping each other!
Picture 29 We were first to light the bulb!
Picture 30 Very pleased!
Picture 31 Ready to start
Picture 32 The Expert
Picture 33 Stencilling the pineapple
Picture 34 square watermelon
Picture 35 slicing watermelon is hard
Picture 36 Monkey face
Picture 37 Hmm passionfruit juice
Picture 38 careful with the knife
Picture 39 A healthy reward
Picture 40 Tropical Fruit Crunch
Picture 41 Very proud
Picture 42 Garnished beautifully
Picture 43 The Prodigal Son
Picture 44 Who wants my money
Picture 45 Shall we forgive him
Picture 46 Happy ever after
Picture 47 All is forgiven