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Mrs Littler's Class Summer Term

What a busy start to our last term in the Infant School! On the very first day back after Easter, we travelled back in time to the year 1666! We soon found out what an important year that was in our history, when Robert Vickers (aka Samuel Pepys) came to visit in person and told us, in dramatic form, all about The Great Fire of London!  He even showed us how he recorded these famous events in his diary, using a quill pen ofcourse!  He also explained that he wrote cheeky things in his dairy but, in secret code! Some of our class had the opportunity to act out scenes and get dressed up in order to help put the fire out by forming a water chain! We will always remember the words "Flap, Mr Faryner flap!!" "Samuel Pepys" was a great hit with all the children and adults and he really brought our topic to life and set it off to a great and exciting start.
In Literacy, we have been writing our own diary extracts in the style of Samuel Pepys and trying to include as much detail as possible about life in London long before electricity and fire engines were invented.
Continuing our work on Fire, we have been very fortunate to have a talk from Mr Bousfield who told us all about his job as a firefighter.  Some of us had the chance to try on his very heavy uniform, balaclava and helmet, plus Rajan was lucky enough to experience a real fireman's lift! To our great delight, Mr Bousfield brought the Southport Fire Engine this year and we had a wonderful time finding out from the fire crew how the hose and cutting equipment worked. Baxter, our class bear, also joined in the fun (dressed as a fire fighter ofcourse!) We will be writing letters of thanks to these fantastic fire fighters very soon.
In Science we have started our work on Materials and have already investigated changing the state of water. We are looking forwards to eating our ice pops soon!
Picture 1 Listening carefully.
Picture 2 Wow! heavy metal cutters!
Picture 3 Giant metal cutters!
Picture 4 Ready for action!
Picture 5 Balaclava
Picture 6 Fireman's helmet
Picture 7 Our cheeky bear gets everywhere!
Picture 8 Holding the blue flashing light!
Picture 9 The fire engine arrives in our playground!
Picture 10 Fireman's lift
Picture 11 Baxter meets Steve!
Picture 12 Singing London's Burning!
Picture 13 All eager to take part!
Picture 14 Forming a water chain!
Picture 15 Quenching those enormous flames!
Picture 16 Did Mr Pepys get wet?
Picture 17 Starting off the human water chain!
Picture 18 Samuel's hat with plume.
Picture 19 Quill pen and ink