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Mrs Mayor Room 14

Picture 1 The potato latkes were delicious!
Picture 1 What a magnificent golden eagle.
Picture 2 Our fantastic clay dinosaurs and minibeasts.
Picture 3 123 Music and Me is great fun.
Picture 4 Now where does this piece go?
Picture 5 We are fantastic at jigsaws!
Picture 6 Fun in PE with Mrs Wright
Picture 7 Getting to know our reception buddies.
Picture 8 Finding out how we are similar and different.
Picture 9 Our class charter- signed by us all.
Picture 10 We have sorted animals into various groups.
Picture 1 Science week fun

Arts Week 2014

Arts Week 2014 1 We worked hard on our peacock masks.
Arts Week 2014 2 Painting the patterns was tricky.
Arts Week 2014 3
Arts Week 2014 4 And stretch!
Arts Week 2014 5
Arts Week 2014 6 Dancing can be hard work!
Arts Week 2014 7
Arts Week 2014 8
Arts Week 2014 9

Sports Day at Greenbank

Sports Day at Greenbank 1
Sports Day at Greenbank 2
Sports Day at Greenbank 3
Sports Day at Greenbank 4
Sports Day at Greenbank 5