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Mrs Mayor's class Autumn 2012

Welcome to our year 2 class website. Our topic has been "Health" and we have had great fun finding out how to stay healthy as well as travelling back in time to the time of Florence Nightingale to learn all about hospitals in the olden days.  What superb artists we have in our class! We have produced some quality observational drawings of a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables and some fabulous portraits of Florence herself.
We all enjoyed the visit from an actress who, with just a little help from the audience, acted out scenes from the times of Florence Nightingale.  For an afternoon, our studio had us all transported back in time to the Crimean War and some of our class helped out by pretending to be the soldiers and nurses.
This half term we were also fortunate enough to welcome the Storyteller to our classroom.  How exciting when we had to dash out into the playground to see the Tardis! He told us some fantastic stories and we were able to try on his masks and play the characters. 
In literacy, we have been working hard on our "Riddle writing."  We have tried not to give too many clues away too soon and have enjoyed trying to guess each other's riddles. Some of them have really got us thinking! After the holidays we are going to try our hand at writing some poetry.
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