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Mrs Mayor's class Autumn Term

What a busy start to the new year!  Everybody has settled into year 2 really quickly and we are up and running with our first topic, "Health".  We have done some fantastic close observational drawings and artwork of a variety of fruit and enjoyed chopping up the fruit at the end and eating it.  Some of us tried exotic fruits for the first time such as papaya and mango although not many of us were brave enough to sample the sour greengages.
In literacy, we enjoyed writing riddles about the fruits-giving lots of descriptive clues without actually naming the fruit we had chosen. Zac's riddle really had us guessing! We have also been finding out about shape poems and how to change the style of our writing for effect.
We are now looking forward to finding out all about how we keep our bodies healthy and well in science.
Next week, we are lucky enough to have a visit from "Florence Nightingale" who will be telling us all about her exciting work and giving us a real insight into hospitals in the past.
Watch this space for photographs and more information.
Our class build a bear, Tom, is proving very popular and we are all working very hard to get our name in the chance box to try and take him home for the weekend.
Scroll down for pictures.....