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Mrs Mayor's class Spring Term 2013

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Around the World topic this half term.  First, we explored the continent of Africa before heading off to India and China. We have found out so many exciting facts about these places and produced some fantastic leaflets and posters. It was lovely reading some traditional tales from far and wide and we produced some super artwork. We even got to taste some poppadoms and a variety of dips although not many of us liked the very spicy one!
Mrs Rothwell gave us another super talk about her trip to China and once again amazed us with the number of artefacts that she brought home with her.
In science, we have been investigating electricity and have had fun constructing circuits. We particularly enjoyed predicting and testing out which materials would allow the electricity to travel through.
This week, we all donned our chef's hats and aprons for Junior Chef. This year we made a delicious tropical fruit crunch. We had to work very hard to dice, chop and layer all the fruit into the bowls and learned many new facts about some fruits that we had never even heard of.
In RE, we have been listening to the stories that Jesus told and thinking about the meaning of the Parable. We had some star performances from the actors who re-enacted the Prodigal Son.
Picture 1 Can you guess who's inside the Chinese
Picture 2 Acting out The Lost Son
Picture 3 Chopping and dicing!
Picture 4 Having fun at Junior Chef!
Picture 5 Who knew circuits could be so much fun?
Picture 6 Mrs Rothwell looked lovely in her silk dress
Picture 7 The lime pickle wasn't very popular!
Picture 8 Investigating electrical circuits!