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Mrs Mayor's class Summer 2013

 What an exciting start to the Summer term as we travelled back in time to 1666. The theatre company Tempus Fugit really brought our Great Fire of London topic to light with a lively and interactive show featuring none other than Samuel Pepys himself. We will long remember him shouting, "Flap, Mr Farynor your shop is on fire!" We have enjoyed finding out all about the Great Fire and using the evidence available to explore the causes of the fire and how London changed afterwards. Some fantastic artwork was produced and our leaflets gave us the opportunity to showcase all that we had learned. 
In science, we have been investigating materials and how they can be changed by heating and cooling them.  Luckily these investigations have involved plenty of food! We were all eager to eat the leftovers from the icepop, chocolate and shortbread experiments although strangely there were few takers for the egg after it had been in the microwave.
In PE we are enjoying our new cyber-coaching sessions.  So far we have worked out with the street dancer and had a spin with the disco experts.  We have also tried our hand at ballet and were amazed just what had work it was!
Picture 1 Nobody was keen to eat the egg... I wonder
Picture 2 Weighing out the flour for our shortbread biscuits
Picture 3 Getting a bit too close to the melted chocolate!
Picture 4 So that's where he keeps his wig!
Picture 5 Samuel Pepys reading from his diary
Picture 6 How fighting fire has changed over the years