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Mrs Rodmell - Ladybirds Class - Autumn Term

Picture 1 Exploring green toys in the ice.
Picture 2 Using tweezers to pick up pom poms.
Picture 3 Good friends!
Picture 4 Brushing chalk off the floor.
Picture 5 Exploring magnets.
Picture 6 Look what I've done!
Picture 7 Having fun together.
Picture 8 Playing a colour game.
Picture 9 Sharing a book.
Picture 10 Squeezing pom poms up high.
Picture 11 Working together on a leaf hunt.
Picture 12 All aboard!
Picture 13 Follow the leader.
Picture 14 Making an autumn leaf picture.
Picture 15 We are making one too!
Picture 16 Mark making in the sand
Picture 17 Counting orange cubes in the water tray.
Picture 18 Painting with leaves and twigs.
Picture 19 Look it's balancing on top!