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Mrs Rodmell Summer Term

Picture 1 Can you see a giant teddy?
Picture 2 Enjoying our teddy bears picnic.
Picture 3 Water play.
Picture 4 Making potions.
Picture 5 Balancing
Picture 6 Fun in Space for Sport!
Picture 7
Picture 8 Decorating our fairy garden.
Picture 9 Making mobiles.
Picture 10 Wheelbarrow challenge!
Picture 11 Top Tots.
Picture 12 Top Tots.
Picture 13 Observing our tadpoles growing.
Picture 14 Learning about the life cycle of a frog.
Picture 15 Painting flowers.
Picture 16 Colour mixing.
Picture 17
Picture 18 Printing.
Picture 19 Making our grass head trolls.
Picture 20
Picture 21 We will now watch it grow!!