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Mrs Rodmell's Class Spring Term

Picture 1 What can we fix for you today?
Picture 2 Exploring ice.
Picture 3 Look at me!
Picture 4 Making bird feeders.
Picture 5 Having fun in the mud kitchen!
Picture 6 Making mud soup!
Picture 7 Sticky Kids exercises.
Picture 8 We all join in!
Picture 9 Matching numicon tiles.
Picture 10 Fun in the sand.
Picture 11 Playing games together.
Picture 12 Sharing a book.
Picture 13 Motor magic.
Picture 14 Making pretend porridge.
Picture 15 Acting out the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Picture 16 Who's been eating my porridge?
Picture 17 Enjoying porridge - just like Goldilocks!