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Photos of Science and Technology Week in Nursery

Picture 1 In the DT Zone.
Picture 2 Building with blocks.
Picture 3 Using the Learn Pads.
Picture 4
Picture 5 Working out how to make the
Picture 6 Junk modelling.
Picture 7 We made a giant person!
Picture 8 In the
Picture 9 Exploring light...
Picture 10 ...and dark.
Picture 11 Using a stethescope.
Picture 12 I can hear a heart beat!
Picture 13 Not sure I can!
Picture 14 Finding out which objects are magnetic.
Picture 15 Having fun with the Pumpaloons.
Picture 16 Which works best, feet or hands?
Picture 17 Sorting animals.
Picture 18 Looking carefully.
Picture 19 What can you see?
Picture 20 Bubble painting.
Picture 21 Getting messy...
Picture 22 ...with the gloop.
Picture 23 Amazing!