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The Club is open to Year 2 children who want to have fun playing Numeracy games. We have been fortunate to purchase some really great games from the Puzzle Company, who are again visiting us this Wednesday February 22nd. If you want to buy any of the games we play at Puzzle Club, please attend the Sale at 3.15 p.m. on Wednesday Feb 22nd in the STUDIO.
Group 2 for Puzzle Club  started  today and will continue each Monday from 3.15 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. until Monday 19th March. Look at our photos to see the great games we have learned and are learning to play!!
Picture 1 Hedgehog concentration
Picture 2 Avoid the Endless Loop!
Picture 3 Can the knight rescue the princess?
Picture 4 Rapido
Picture 5 Penguins! a game of precision
Picture 6 Rush Hour
Picture 7 The Ice Cream Game
Picture 8 Problem Solving
Picture 9 Prickly Hedgehogs
Picture 10 Pit Stop
Picture 11 Fill the circle
Picture 12 Safari Rush Hour
Picture 13 Snakes & Ladders
Picture 14 Pallino
Picture 15 Group 1 Reward Certificates
Picture 16 Magnetic Fun
Picture 17 Scrambled Egg!
Picture 18
Picture 19 A puzzle champion?
Picture 20