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Room 1 - Mrs Price's Class

Picture 1 Fun on the green
Picture 2 Can you guess our people pattern?
Picture 3 What would come next?
Picture 4 What a lovely pattern
Picture 5 Phonics activities
Picture 6 Phonics activities
Picture 7 Phonics activities
Picture 8 Parachute fun
Picture 9 Learning key words
Picture 10 Shape pictures
Picture 11 Writing Table Activities
Picture 12 Ball control in Space for Sport
Picture 13 Agility ladders
Picture 14 Outdoor fun
Picture 15 Learning Pad Group work
Picture 16 Creativity on the Learning Pad
Picture 17 Creativity on the Learning Pad
Picture 18 Look at the size of the bolognese pan!
Picture 19 Disco Fun!
Picture 20 Mrs Reeves tells us about our canteen