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Room 3 - Mrs Tickle's Class

Picture 1 Exploring with Numicon
Picture 2 Exploring with the learn pads
Picture 3 What
Picture 4 Exploring number in the water.
Picture 5 sharing a book with a friend.
Picture 6 Small world play with friends.
Picture 7 Fun with super heros.
Picture 8 Sharing with friends.
Picture 9 Planning the layout of the train track.
Picture 10 Fun with glue, sparkles and shapes.
Picture 11 Protecting the castle.
Picture 12 Filling and pouring.
Picture 13 Pretend play with the knights and princesses.
Picture 14 Counting with the multi-link elephants.
Picture 15 Fun outdoors with our buddies.
Picture 16 Counting and matching numbers.