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Shape hunt - Mrs Hookham's class

We have really enjoyed learning about shapes - 2D and 3D. The children have played with shapes, looked for them in the garden, printed and made sandwiches. Thank you for getting involved at home. We've enjoyed hearing about and looking at the shapes the children have found.
Picture 1 Rectangles
Picture 2 A round circle
Picture 3 A circle
Picture 4 Triangles
Picture 5 A cylinder
Picture 6 Another cylinder
Picture 7 I've found a triangle
Picture 8 Triangle fins
Picture 9 I've found a big cone!
Picture 10 A wheelbarrow full of shapes!
Picture 11 Cutting out shape sandwich
Picture 12 A circle sandwich
Picture 13 Making sandwiches
Picture 14 Another circle
Picture 15 Using magnetic shapes
Picture 16 Making pictures with shapes
Picture 17 Looking for triangle shapes
Picture 18 Magnetic shapes
Picture 19 Shapes in the sand
Picture 20 Kandinsky style circles
Picture 21 Shape game