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Spring 2011 Mrs Brash's and Mrs. Cahill's Class Room 7

In Science topic this term we are learning about Our Five Senses - starting off with our sense of Sight. We are designing jazzy sunglasses to protect our eyes and learning how our eyes work. Mr. Brown will be coming into our class to explain what it is like to be blind.


In literacy we are learning about non-fiction books and how to use the contents and index pages. We will also be reading the Rainbow Fish stories and using our imaginations to write creatively.


In numearacy we have been learning about counting on and back in ones and tens. We are also learning to form our numarals correctly.We have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes


Little Kickers Football Club has starting for our class this term and because it was so popular, an other group will go in February.In PE we have been learning team games and how exercise can be fun!


Keep watching this space and photographs and more information will follow!

Picture 1 How great I look with my super sunglasses!
Picture 2 What fantastic sunglasses.
Picture 3 Jazzy glasses!