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Spring 2011 Mrs Chester's Class Room 8

The New Year has got off to a great start in Room 8!  Already we have launched into our Science topic - the Five Senses; and we are  learning about our sense of sight.  We have some lovely activities planned - making protective glasses for our eyes, using a planchet to write our names in braille, and learning about how our eyes work.  Later on in this topic, we will be learning some sign language, and have lots of investigations to carry out based on our sense of hearing, taste and smell, and sense of touch.  We are really looking forward to our taste investigations!


Our literacy work is based on our Five Senses theme, and we are going to be learning about non-fiction books, and how we can use a contents page to find information.  We are looking forward to our work on the Rainbow Fish, and will be using our imaginations to help us write creative stories.


In numeracy, we have been learning how to count on when we are adding numbers together.  We are starting to remember to put the largest number in our head and count on the smaller number.  We have had lots of fun using dice to make up new sums, and have been working hard on our number formation and counting skills.


We have a really exciting Arts Project coming up - we are going to be working with an artist to create a beautiful mosaic.  Look out for details of this project coming soon.  We are also learning about self portraits, and have made a start on own paintings - we have some budding Vincent van Gogh's in class.


Little Kickers Football Club, will be running after February half term for our class, and we are looking forward to developing our football skills.  In PE we have been working in teams in Games.  We have been learning that exercise is great fun and keeps us very healthy.


Since our half term, we have been very busy!  We have been visiting Birkdale Library and Mrs Magee has explained how to find our favourite books.  We shared these books with our Buddy Readers from the Junior School.  Our Book Week theme was 'The Enormous Crocodile'.  Crocodiles and Roly Poly Birds have been appearing everywhere.  We have had great fun.


We are looking forward to pizza making and tasting - coming soon!

Picture 1 Learning how to use money to make amounts