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Spring 2011 Mrs Rimmer and Room 10

This term we are finding out about the five senses and reading non-fiction books.
We have been reading poems and practising rhymes. We have been playing with money and practising giving change. We have enjoyed our topic work, making glasses, a feely box, playing listening games, designing and making our own pizzas.
Picture 1 Pizza tasting
Picture 2 Scoring marks!
Picture 3 Marks out of 10!
Picture 4 Discussing our favourites.
Picture 5
Picture 6 Our pizzas were the best!
Picture 7 We decided our favourite toppings!
Picture 8 Sharing!
Picture 9 Our scores were compared.
Picture 10 We tasted 5 different pizzas!
Picture 11 We looked at the boxes!
Picture 12 Everyone liked the plain pizza!
Picture 13 What vegetables can you see?
Picture 14 WE cooked them in the kitchen.
Picture 15 We practised chopping, grating and peeling!
Picture 16 Coco dressed up!
Picture 17 Coco
Picture 18 Coco and cars!
Picture 19 Hama bead art work.
Picture 20 Mobilo!
Picture 21 Games
Picture 22 Teamwork
Picture 23 More mobilo.
Picture 24 Can you read it?
Picture 25 Letters in mobilo.
Picture 26 Practising writing!
Picture 27 Key words!
Picture 28 Days of the week
Picture 29 Days of the week
Picture 30 Practising neat writing.
Picture 31 Reading to Coco
Picture 32 White board writing!
Picture 33 Number formation!