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This term we have been learning all about 'The Body' and how to keep ourselves healthy. We enjoyed learning about our skeletons and about the other important organs inside us. We also learnt about what foods we should eat to stay healthy and how exercise is the best way to keep us strong and flexible! We used ICT and non-fiction books to gather information and also had some exciting visits from some real nurses and a dentist!

We have also been busy with our other school subjects. In our SEAL work we have been learning about making and working towards a goal. We had lots of different things that we wanted to get better at or learn how to do so we used our school time and time at home to practise.

We continue to improve our skills in maths and literacy through different activities and we are really enjoying our class 'Show & Tell's.

Please browse through our photo's to see us in action!

Picture 1 Room 4 Hospital
Picture 2 Learning about our external body parts
Picture 3 Being very active in P.E.
Picture 4 Playing 'body parts' in P.E.
Picture 5 Making playdough skeletons
Picture 6 Mixed-media skeletons