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Spring Term 2010 - Mrs Brash's class - Room 7

In Year 1 this term we have been learning about Houses and Homes. The children brought in photographs of their houses. We were finding out about detached, semi-detached and terraced houses, as well as flats.
We have also had Artsweek and the theme was Buildings and Machines. Lots of fantastic artwork has been made including paintings, and model house making. We had specialists in drama, dance and music came to enhance the Artsweek experience.
We have visited St.Johns church in Birkdale where we looked at the various aspects of a church. We looked at ehe beautiful stained glass windows and when we got back to school made our own stained glass style designs. Some were used on our class model of a 'cathedral' in the style of the designer Gaudi!
The second half of the term was a History topic about the life of a Victorian child. We had a Victorian washday and converted our classroom into a Victorian school room. We found how different life was then compared to our life now. We dressed up in amazing olden days costumes and had fun playing Victorian style games in the playground.
We also had a marvelous day out at Quarry Bank Mill in Styal.

Picture 1 Spinning Jenny
Picture 2 Weaving at home.
Picture 3 Raw cotton spin at home.
Picture 4 Quarry bank Mill.
Picture 5 Medicines for the Apprentices.
Picture 6 Herbs and wash day items in the attic.
Picture 7 Bedroom
Picture 8 Alphabet in classroom
Picture 9 Working in the school room.
Picture 10
Picture 11 Walking to the school room.
Picture 12 The vegetable garden.
Picture 13 Quarry Bank Mill.
Picture 14 Dressing up like a Victorian in school.
Picture 15
Picture 16 Don't we look good!
Picture 17 Having fun dressing up!
Picture 18 Playing hopscotch.
Picture 19 Playing with a hobby horse.
Picture 20
Picture 21 Having fun with the hobby horses.