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Spring Term 2010- Mrs Chester's Class- Room 8

This term began with great excitement with our Arts Week.  Our theme was Buildings and Machines.  We had great fun in drama acting out the movements of the different machines.  We designed some fabulous homes and used our cutting and sticking skills to build some lovely rooms in our houses.

In Literacy we have been looking at non-fiction texts and poetry.  We have looked carefully at rhyming words and the rhythms in some poems.  We loved learning about 'The Lighthouse Keeper' stories.  We turned our role play area into a lighthouse and enjoyed making delicious lunches for Mr Grinling!  We wrote some super character studies and are becoming super writers!

In Numeracy we have been learning our Number Doubles and Number Bonds to 10.  We have been using numberlines, our fingers and practical equipment to help our accuracy when adding and taking away.  We have been looking at the number square, and thinking about tens and units.  We had some great fun with shape.  We built some super 3D models.

We have been thinking about electricity in Science.  We learned how to wire together a simple circuit and have been thinking carefully about the dangers of electricity.  We all now know to dry our hands before switching electrical appliances on and off!

In our SEAL work, our theme has been 'Going for Goals'.  We have been setting ourselves goals in our learning.  Some of our friends have been learning to street dance, and our class goal became 'Learning some moves'! 

In RE we visited St John Church.  We learned about the links between St Johns and Farnborough Road School.  We enjoyed listening to the organ playing - it was very loud!  We loved looking at the stained glass windows too.  Thank you St John's!

We have thought about how to look after our pets.  We had some great ideas of what animals need, and have been bandaging up our cuddly toys!  It's been like Animal Hospital!  We have also done some super observational drawings of our cuddly toys using chalk pastels.

We are looking forward to our next half term - especially Book Week, and our new theme of the Victorians!  Get your dressing up outfits ready!

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